Sometimes you need relief from the urban jungle.

Introducing “parklets”, small, unexpected parks which repurpose public space into peaceful havens for socializing and chance encounters.

So what exactly is a parklet?

As their name implies, Parklets are tiny. They take up no more than two parking spaces. Transforming the bland and industrial into an urban delight, parklets have clear design guidelines: planters or furniture separating them from the street, a form of seating, year-round plants suitable to the climate, and bicycle parking. They are ecologically friendly, promoting the use of local, sustainable materials.

Although many are hosted by adjacent places of business, like cafes, parklets are in fact public spaces, open to all.

This makes them a win-win proposition–businesses increase their capacity and seating space, and residents get ec0 friendly places to hang out in the city.

The movement that started in San Francisco, today has spread: Philadelphia, NY, Chicago, Dallas, Seattle, and Raleigh all boast one or more.

. ❗Parklets mais criativos no mundo. . ⚠️O Parklets são mini praças que ocupam o lugar de uma ou duas vagas de estacionamento em vias públicas. São uma extensão da calçada que funcionam como um espaço público de lazer e convivência para qualquer um que passar por ali. Podem possuir bancos, mesas, palcos, floreiras, lixeiras, paraciclos, entre outros elementos de conforto e lazer. Assim, enquanto duas vagas de estacionamento na rua são utilizadas por 40 por dia, um parklet atende 300 pessoas neste mesmo período, além de promover uma maior interação social entre os cidadãos, melhorando a convivência de todos e promovendo o uso do solo de maneira democrática, não somente voltado para automóveis. . ✅ Fonte: SoulUrbanismo . #ConstrucaoCivil #Engenharia #EngenhariaCivil #ProjetoEstrutural #ProjetoArquitetonico #ProjetoEletrico #Projetos #Estrutural #Arquitetonico #Arq #ArqeUrb #PlantaBaixa #Interiores #DesigndeInteriores #KingProjetos #Urbanismo #Convivencia #Parklets

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How are they different from sidewalk benches?

Defined spaces, like planters, furniture or other barriers separate parklets from the surrounding city, and

Design guidelines encourage seating (fixed or moveable), year-round plants (preferably native and drought-tolerant), bicycle spots,  and local and sustainable construction materials.

While some are little more than fancy park benches, others are quirky or highly designed. Some parklets have surprising amenities, from exercise stations to games, public art to wi-fi and educational activities.

But they all have one thing in common: Parklets aim to surprise, to delight, and ultimately to remind people that the city revolves around them, not the other way around.

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