It pays to explore with KIX

The coin for urban explorers!

Get rewards for every step  you take!

What are KIX?

KIX is the currency in Sidekix, which can be used to unlock discounts, perks, and special offers on local and online businesses.


How do I get KIX?

Simply download and register to start earning KIX.  Simple actions like inviting a friend to the app, writing a restaurant review or simply walking will earn you KIX. Every step counts!

Press “EARN more KIX” button inside the app to find the full list of ways to earn KIX.

What to do with your KIX?

Use them to enjoy! KIX can be used to unlock special offers at the best bars, trendy restaurants, and cool shops around the world, as well as a host of offers and gift certificates, depending on your location. Use KIX to “buy” offers, and redeem them on and offline.



Click to download Sidekix app



A taste of some amazing offers you can find on the app:


Mime et Moi


15% discount

FIVE HEELS, ONE SHOE. Mime et moi has revolutionized the way you walk. Thanks to the innovative height adjustment function, Mime et moi shoes are the perfect companion for the whole day. Heels vary height, shape, and color, can be swapped and fit easily into every handbag.






10% discount

Never lose your wallet again! Ekster is dutch designed, an ultra-slim, trackable smart wallet, which allows you to access your cards with the click of a button.  The removable tracker card runs on solar energy and only requires 3 hours of light to last a full month.



Zoe Apothecary


25% discount

Zoe’s all natural products are artisanal, sun drenched, and gorgeously scented. From handcrafted scented soaps, to sore muscle salves,  Zoe helps travelers relax and rejuvenate after journeys, large and small.





Ozmo Smart Bottle

$15 discount

The Ozmo Smart Bottle records water and coffee consumption, tracking your progress throughout the day to reach your hydration goals. It syncs with Fitbit, Apple Watch, and other fitness trackers, and connects with the Ozmo app.





Craft Wallet

10% discount

A sleek and modern wallet made of aerospace grade aluminium, beautifully designed to be minimal and versatile, yet with a price tag that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.





bbbyo Bottles

25% discount

BBBYO products aim to minimize plastic and textile waste. Whether upcycling existing materials or using safer alternatives, our aim is to keep usable materials above ground and use what is available to us now.




*If you own a business and want to participate in KIX program, please send us a message here.