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Open positions

Sidekix, a new navigation app for people who love discovering their city on foot, is seeking a marketing and outreach Manager. The right candidate will serve as the Sidekix local rep in the UK, and will be instrumental in creating and executing a local marketing and outreach plan.

Specific activities will include:

  • Drafting and managing of a local marketing and outreach plan to recruit testers and raise awareness once the app is live in London, in conjunction with the Sidekix CMO
  • Identifying strategic partnerships to help with outreach and brand awareness
  • Supervising a team of interns to help with outreach efforts
  • Representing Sidekix at various venues/pitch events/conferences
  • Researching and attending events such as meet-ups, tech conferences, etc.
  • Identifying and recruiting market influencers, both on and off line, to help evangelize the app
  • Driving social media engagement and creating communities
  • Other creative marketing techniques, as agreed with the Sidekix CMO

Our ideal candidate will have the following characteristics and experience:

  • Strategic and analytical thinker
  • Good networker and public speaker
  • Outgoing and social, someone who loves to “get out there” and meet new people
  • Bold and creative—not afraid to try new strategies, including guerilla marketing, until something “sticks”
  • Independent—significant portions of the work will take place independently.
  • Marketing/branding/outreach experience with other apps or consumer products would be highly valuable
  • And lastly, should “live the brand”: Someone who enjoys walking and sees it as the best way to discover the city

Please send CVs or further inquiries to

We are looking for a senior Java developer to join our growing team. Requirements: - At-least 3 years of experience as a full stack applications developer - Solid experience with Java in backend servers - Experience with SQL & NO-SQL databases - Experience in building, monitoring, automating, optimizing, managing and scaling web-oriented applications and services, virtualized and bare-metal infrastructure. - experience with JavaScript, CSS3, HTML5 and other web frameworks like Angular and jQuery. - Familiarity with unit test frameworks - Must have the ability to work independently and also be committed team player - An ability to explore technology solutions across the technology stack - Experience in software design & data modeling

Please send CVs or further inquiries to