Jerusalem is largely synonymous with religion. A holy city for many faiths, many parts of  Jerusalem closes down on the Jewish Sabbath– but that doesn’t mean you have to! This curated 24/7 walking tour highlights Jerusalem restaurants and locations that are open on Shabbat, as well as some that are open late into the night.

The walking tour spans from The First Station Compound, to Mishkenot Sheananim, through Nahlaot, Rehavia, Park Valley of the Cross, to Gan Sacher, and finally towards the City Center. Just under 2 hours of walking (a distance of 8.3 km) throughout the day, it is important to wear some good walking shoes, a water bottle, and a hat during the summer.


1. Breakfast at Adom

Address: David Remez St. 4, Jerusalem

Hours: Sunday: 12:30pm-12am, Monday-Saturday 12:30pm-2am


Phone: +972 2-624-6242

Description: Enjoy a filling breakfast at Adom and explore the Tachana Rishona that houses the popular restaurant. Adom is known for its cutting edge dishes, sourced from fresh and seasonal ingredients. Popular dishes include the seafood risotto, goat cheese ravioli, and the lamb chops.

Arguably the most popular Jerusalem chef restaurant that is open on Shabbat, Adom is known for its fine cuisine, vast wine menu, and beautiful surroundings at the historical Tachana Rishona (First Station) compound. The Tachana Rishona is centrally located between the city center, Nahlaot, Rehavia and The Germany Colony/Baka, acting as a great starting point for tours around the city.


Walk 5 minutes to…

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2. Garden stroll at Mishkenot Sheananim

Address: Henrikh Heine Street, Yemin Moshe Parking Lot, Jerusalem

Hours: Always open

Description: After a hearty breakfast at Adom, a good walk will be much needed. The gardens at Mishkenot Sheananim is a beautiful and quiet stop, providing tourists with the option to walk and enjoy, sit and observe nature, with views of the Old City. Mishkenot Sheananim was the first Jewish neighborhood outside of the Old City Walls. A quiet and beautiful neighborhood, the park has beautiful views of the Old City walls, as well as the historic Montefiore windmill that was used as a flourmill in the late 19th century. Named after the philanthropist Sir Moses Montefiore, the windmill also features Montefiore’s reconstructed carriage in a display window next to the flourmill.

Wheelchair accessible.


Walk 20 minutes to…

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4. Light lunch at Azza Wine Bar

Address: Azza 28, Jerusalem

Hours: 8am-late night every day


Phone: 02-995-5014

Description: After breakfast, a nice stroll, and some morning coffee, a light lunch of artisan sandwiches will be a perfect addition for a Saturday day. The wine bar on Azza, which is part of the Machneyuda group, serves non-Kosher sandwiches with some innovative and delicious combinations. The sandwiches are very well priced (NIS 19-22), served on your choice of a croissant, white or whole bread, and go perfectly with a warm or cold drink. Suggested dishes include the St. Maure sandwich with St. Maure cheese, beets, arugula, and scallions or the prosciutto sandwich with posciutto, onion jam, basil, and blue cheese. Located on the main street of beautiful Rehavia, Azza wine bar is the perfect stop for those on their way to the Israel Museum.


Walk 25 minutes to….

5. Visit the Israel Museum

Address: on Ruppin Road, Jerusalem

Hours: Sun, Mon, Wed, Thur 10 am-5 pm, Tues 4-9 pm, Fri and Holiday Eves 10 am-2 pm, Sat and Holidays 10 am-5 pm


Phone: 02-6708811

Description: The Israel Museum is the most popular museum open on Shabbat. As the largest cultural institution in Israel and ranked among the world’s leading archeology and art museums, the Israel Museum is a must see for all tourists. Entrance costs NIS 54 for adults, NIS 39 for students, and NIS 27 for senior citizens. Don’t miss the Shrine of the Book, which houses the Dead Sea Scrolls, the oldest biblical manuscript in the world.


Walk 24 minutes to…

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6. Walk in Gan Sacher

Address: Ben Zevi 1, Jerusalem

Hours: Always open

Description: A beautiful public park that is relatively quiet on Shabbat, Gan Sacher offers some quiet downtime after visiting a thought-provoking museum. Gan Sacher has expansive lawns, walking paths, picnic and barbecue areas, playgrounds, skateboard parks, children’s play areas, sport courts, graffiti art, and a dog park.

Accessible for wheelchairs


Walk 18 minutes to…

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7. Happy hour at The Barrel Public House

Address: Hillel Street 33, Jerusalem

Hours: 5pm-4am every day


Phone: +972-52-316-0404


Description: Just a short walk from Gan Sacher, this London-style pub is known for its beer on tap and pub food that is rare to find in Jerusalem. Whiskey, bourbon, and scotch, oh my! The Barrel Public House opens right in time for happy hour! If hungry, the Barrel Public House has some delicious snacks and small dishes that pair perfectly with their locally sourced beer. Ask for their 1+1 deals on weeknights. Recommended dishes include the fish and chips or barrel burger alongside one of their 12 beers on tap, and their cheesy mozzarella sticks. This pub is great for happy hour or late into the night.


Walk 2 minutes to…

8. Dinner at Zuni Restaurant

 Address Yoel Moshe Solomin 15, Jerusalem


Phone: 053-934-5582

Description: Zuni is synonymous for 24/7. This bistro restaurant meets bar, highly rated by many tourists on Trip Advisor, is one of the only restaurants that is literally open 24/7! It is a great place to end the day. Recommended dishes include their carrot, shallots, and Fargo salad, ZUNI burger on a brioche bun, profiteroles with ice cream and hot chocolate sauce, and French toast with fruit salad.