Jerusalem is perhaps one of the most Instagram-able cities in the world. Touring around the city, you are bound to witness the diverse mix of old and new, innovative, historic, and religious that is so central to Jerusalem culture. While journalists constantly try to capture what is happening in the city that is holy to many faiths, sometimes, a picture (or Insta) can say a thousand words.

Temple Mount from the top of the Aish Center at the Western Wall

Ha Kotel Street in the Old City of Jerusalem

Sunday-Thursday: 9am-6pm

Phone: +972 2-628-5666

NIS 10 per person is all it costs to enjoy the view and take an Insta (or two) from the world’s best view of the Temple Mount. The Aish building overlooks the Kotel, so  your best bet to reach the building is to go up from the stairs of the Western Wall Plaza or walk from the Dung Gate. The center is located parallel to Misgav Ladach Street, close to Rabinovich Square. After entering the Aish Center, ask the security guard for guidance and ascend the staircase with a breathtaking Chihuly glass chandelier, then behold the breathtaking panoramic view of the Western Wall and courtyard.

10 minute walk to…

View from the Tower of David Museum

Tower of David, across from Jaffa Gate in the Old City of Jerusalem

Saturday-Thursday 9am-4pm, Friday 9am-2pm

Phone: 02-626-5333


Museum admission: 40 for adult, 20 for senior, 30 for student, 18 for children, 20 for people with disabilities.

The view from the top of the Tower of David Museum is the best place to photograph the medieval halls, known as the Citadel, where ancient stonewalls and arches add an appropriately antique atmosphere. Perfect for a panoramic view from atop the tower. The tower is located near the Jaffa Gate in the Old City of Jerusalem. Guided tours are also available, and the historical night spectacular light show is not to be missed.

13 minute walk to…


Kadosh for Instagrammable French pastries and coffee

4 Shlomtsiyon HaMalka

+972 2-625-4210

Sunday-Thursday 7-0:30, Friday 7- an hour before Shabbat, Saturday half hour after Shabbat until 1:00

Café Kadosh is rated as the best place to eat dessert in Jerusalem– it’s also the best place to Instagram desserts in Jerusalem. Upon entering, ask a waitress to explain all of the pastries in the entrance display. For equally picturesque and delicious pastries, try the spikey chocolate mousse, cheesecake, and éclairs. Free wifi is available so you can upload that Instagram on the spot!
4 minute walk to…

Tmol Shilshom for lunch


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5 Yoel Salomon Street

Sunday-Thursday 8:30am-11pm, Friday: 8:30am-4pm, Saturday 5-11

Phone: 02-623-2758

A book-lovers café, perfect for an Insta-selfie in their beautiful antique chairs, books in the background, and a hot cappuccino in hand. For particularly photogenic food, try the sahlav– a warm, thick, dairy-based drink that comes in a rustic glass cup with a metal handle. To arrive at Tmol Shilshom, follow the signs on Yo’el Moshe Salomon Street. After going up a set of stairs, you can choose between their outside seating or two sides of the covered restaurant.

18 minute walk to…

Mishkenot Sha’ananim Street

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Mishkenot Sheananim Street

Always open

Beautiful balconies overflowing with flowers, ancient cobblestone pathways and stairs, a historic windmill, and colorful doors, this park is the Instragramer’s best friend. Walk down the steps and explore the area’s beautiful gardens, apartments, and fountains. Take an Insta of the windmill, the antique stairs, or the flowers overflowing from the apartments below the windmill. If you are hungry you can enjoy drinks or food at Touro Restaurant on S. U. Nachon Street (on your right as you go down the main staircase next to the windmill).

5 minute walk to…


Cocktails at Station 9

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David Remez 4


Sun-Thu from 11am-1am, Fri from 11am-1 hour before Shabbat, Sat from after Shabbat to 1am

The most photogenic drinks in the city are at Station 9. Their signature cocktails come with a separate glass vase so visitors can pour their cocktail over their spherical ice cube. For their food selection, make sure to try the Bau Bau and wakame salad, also quite photogenic. Free wifi is available so you can upload that Instagram on the spot! After cocktails, take some time to explore the historical Tachana Rishona (First Station) compound. The Tachana Rishona is centrally located between the city center, Nahlaot, Rehavia and The Germany Colony/Baka, acting as a great ending point for tours around the city.