Sidekix story

Sidekix app was created by and for people who enjoy walking and discovering new places by foot. Founders Jenny Drezin, Miron Perel, and Eli Baram believe that walking is the best way to explore any location, and have collectively logged hundreds of thousands of kilometers walking around cities across six continents.

In 2015 they began working on a dedicated navigation platform for pedestrians. Their vision of interest based routing is quickly taking hold as Sidekix continuously expands into cities around the world.


How it works

Sidekix has pioneered the concept of interest based routing. Unlike other navigation apps which focus on providing the shortest or fastest journey, Sidekix enhances the urban experience by offering routes based on a user’s passion.

Whether it’s fashion, food, culture, art, nightlife of finding better lit routes at night – Sidekix’ technology will find a bespoke route based on your preferences.

Users can also add specifications to routes, such as stopping at an ATM and grocery store on the way to a friend’s house, and the app will take them there accordingly, within easy reach.

The app currently works throughout cities globally across the UK, Europe, USA, Far East, Australia and Israel.

Our technology allows you to explore your chosen city based on personal interests. From art and culture, to shopping, cafes, nightlife and more, Sidekix has it all.


In Action

Users can obtain accurate information on thousands of venues along the way, including address, opening hours and curated content from local bloggers.



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See what our users have to say about Sidekix:



Sidekix power walking experience

I’ve been lucky to start using Sidekix as an early-adopter. This new app brought me a really powerful walking experience, allowing to discover underground inspiring artistic & food spots I couldn’t have found otherwise. I really enjoyed using it, very enjoyable walk & discovery time.

by Cooloslondon via the App Store


Great app clever idea

There are lots of apps to get you from A to B. This app helps make the walk interesting. Seriously – give it a try. The UX is engaging too.

by Flaxil via the App Store


Very handy app for finding new places

Excellent walking app that shows all the cool (and useful!) places on the route you need to go. Used it near my house in Battersea and found a pile of new places that i didn’t even know existed just off my usual tracks. Very handy for finding something special in a specific place or even just wandering around.

by Gsuslives via the App Store